Indian Wallpapers: An Accessory That Reflects Luxury

Wallpapers for walls are becoming an integral part of the modern interior decor. Wallpapers are a terrific way to style your apartment without much effort. Indian wallpapers have been in trend recently, not only because they are colorful and vibrant, but they give a luxurious look to your home interiors. Indian wallpapers provide a perfect blend of modern and contemporary designs that reflects the rich culture of our country. 

Indian art and cultures are rich and diverse and it forms an integral part of our nation’s heritage and prestige for thousands of years. The variety of art and themes of designs depict Indian culture in the most beautiful way possible. These themes include traditional Indian art forms, such as pichwai and warli, and patterns such as paisley and floral. 

These vibrant and lively wallpapers add luxury to your homes and the best part is that the installation cost is not very much, which makes them affordable and pocket-friendly. Indian wallpapers are different from western designs as the Indian designs have a unique story to tell. Moreover, the Indian art forms are colorful and abstract. Recently, there has been a growing demand for Indian-themed wallpapers due to the vast selection of patterns, endless color possibilities and a luxurious vibe. Indian themed wallpapers are becoming extremely popular among the young generation. Indian wallpapers also offer fusion designs which are the perfect blend of modern and traditional patterns. The fusion designs make these wallpapers extremely stunning. From simple designs to eclectic, these wallpapers offer a brilliant collection to choose from. There are a variety of patterns, textures and finishes and the installation process is also smooth and hassle-free. Bored of the regular painted walls? Get beautiful and trendy wallpapers installed in your home and juice up your home decor. 

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Best Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas 2022

Creative, fun, modern… Your home says a lot about you. You can express yourself through your furniture, the decorative objects you put in it and on the walls, or dare something else, such as wallpapers for the dining room.  The dining room is a space where you spend a lot of your time with family, socialize with friends, and connect with them, and indulge in a wholesome dinner. Thus this place needs to be special and needs to be decorated with care. Find a moment in your dining room or in your living room. In this blog, we help you discover the many possibilities to decorate your dining room with awesome wallpapers.

The walls are the most conventional option when we think about wallpapers for the dining room. If in your case this room is integrated with the kitchen, you can use vinyl wallpaper and put this decorative item on it. There are papers with fresh, delicate, geometric motifs and even those that imitate materials such as wood, jute or brick. They create texture, add depth to the wall and make the furniture stand out. The result is a functional, modern, cozy and bright environment. Those with vertical stripes create the feeling of elevating the walls and are a timeless proposition, like the plain ones. If it’s very eye-catching or vibrant, choose softer colors for the other walls to avoid cluttering the space. If you’re not sure what to choose, go for florals. Floral wallpapers can never go wrong in a dining room setting. You can use warm-toned floral designs to decorate your dining room and can use complimenting colored dining kitchenware to match the walls. This way your dining room will have a desirable aesthetic that tells a story of its own. Recently, metallic wallpapers have also been in trend. Metallic wallpapers can give a beautiful makeover to your dining room. The beauty of metallic wallpapers is that they can reflect twinkling candlelight across the room beautifully. The retro-inspired design and square lines, the combination of white and oak and the solid beech legs match the Scandinavian wallpaper style. So, among other things, light colors, pastel shades, geometric motifs or imitation wood. The motifs and colors transform the environment, bringing positive energy or calming it and even transporting us to natural landscapes. The wallpaper can be used as a decorative strip and combined with the same color palette on the wall: dark tone in the lower part, medium tone in the wallpaper, light tone in the upper part. Very cozy and elegant, it can be the framework for your creativity. Your dining room is your blank canvas. Mix colors or styles, renew or combine the furniture, integrate or separate the spaces. Add the ingredients that you like the most. make it yours. Enjoy it.