Why Choose Wallpaper over Paint

There are several reasons, why we choose wallcovering instead of Paint, Few of them are mention below. 

Quick Application

Wallpapers are the quickest, generally helpful, sturdy and bother free divider enrichment item across the globe. The most favored divider finish world over. 70% homes and workplaces overall are dressed with wallpaper.

Painting a space can impede it for quite a long time. Majestic Wallpapers can be applied in a day’s time. Saving you from the burden of a persistently hindered house or a latent store or office. We have the smart answers for to decorate your walls with a 90% saving in assets terms of time and utilization/business openings.

We have skilled installers. This complete application to cover any wall with the Wallpapers within 6 hours. Wallpaper application includes no-wreck and no-smell. It is quick, helpful and bother free.


Outside dust and other particles amassed on the painted walls, frequently leave checks until the end of time. Wallpapers are produced using vinyl (PVF) covered with plastic; making them normally colourfast and launderable.

They can be occasionally wipe washed with cleanser arrangement and warm water. We offers wipe washing administrations at an ostensible expense.

Majestic Decor shows up spotless, new and satisfying designsaccording to your space. Our Wallcoverings are vinyl covered; consequently, they are 100 percent launderable and colorfast. Additionally, dust repellent synthetic compounds are included the vinyl covering, to guarantee dust doesn’t choose Wallcoverings, making them look new for quite a long time.


Majestic wallcoverings are prominently long on life. Produced using PVF, their material and application is high on honesty. Overhauled by approved workers for hire, Our  wallpaper accompanies with one-year Service Warranty.

Ordinary support and upkeep according to the rules, keeps the appeal of Majestic Wallcoverings going for quite a long time.


Wallcoverings repulse dust, guaranteeing cleaner environmental elements and simple relaxing for all. These Wallcoverings are a remarkable decision for spaces where cleanliness is fundamental.

For clinics, a unique Bio-Pruf covering can be applied on PVF Wallcoverings, to make them against parasitic and hostile to bacterial care for your family.